Cybersecurity: major European ambitions


Founded less than ten years ago, Brussels-based company NVISO has seen its market share grow rapidly in the highly promising cybersecurity sector.

Founded in 2013, NVISO currently employs more than 200 people, including 120 in Belgium, 40 in Germany and 40 in Greece, where the company recently opened an office.

This Brussels-based company wants to retain total independence, refusing to call on foreign investments in order to promote growth based on the reinvestment of its own previous profits. With an average growth rate of 50% per year, we can now look forward to a bright future.

To increase its market share in the cybersecurity sector, NVISO can rely on constantly evolving expertise with regard to the cyber threats that more and more commercial companies are facing. To remain at the forefront of the sector, the Brussels-based company has also formed a partnership with the SANS Institute in the United States, one of the most renowned cybersecurity training institutes in the world. Ten percent of its annual budget is dedicated to innovation and research to keep this expertise at the forefront.

Demand is not weakening in this buoyant sector and bold European ambitions are taking shape. So, after starting its expansion in Germany in 2018, NVISO has just opened a branch in Athens, its second subsidiary outside its Belgian base.

This is a great success story for a Belgian company expected to reach 75 million in sales by 2025.