Can we soon expect that 100% of our waste will be recycled?


Much waste ends up in the incinerator, as recycling is not yet an option. However, Renasci, a company from Ostend, has already made great progress in developing technology to turn more types of waste into raw materials on an industrial level.

Renasci was founded in early 2019 and the company has grown steadily ever since. Meanwhile, it is busy testing its installation to transform plastic waste into recyclable plastics and diesel. This uses the principle of the innovative Smart Chain Processing (SCP) process, whereby the five following waste-processing technologies are applied to recover as many products and as much energy as possible


Renasci sorts the collected and pre-sorted waste using the infrared and spectrum recognition it has developed. Then it's time for the plastic. This is converted into sheets and hard plastics using what is still a top-secret procedure. Renasci covers almost all of its own energy requirements, by taking the steam extracted from non-recyclable leftover waste and using it to power other modules, or turning it into electricity. The leftover ash is used in building materials. Its Plastic to Chemicals (P2C) technology – which is the first in the world – makes it possible to convert plastic sheets into diesel, naphtha or kerosene. These sheets can also be recycled into raw materials for new plastic. Finally, the remaining organic material can be converted into pellets, as an alternative to fossil fuel.