Belgium scores high on logistics


Belgium is the third best country in the world when it comes to logistics. This was confirmed by the 'Logistics Performance Index 2018' published by the World Bank. Our country performs particularly well in timeliness, international freight traffic and logistics competence.

Logistics is a collective term for everything related to the organisation, planning, management and execution of a flow of goods. Every two years the Logistics Performance Index (LPI) ranks 160 countries based on their logistics efficiency. During this process the World Bank considers aspects such as the quality of customs, infrastructure, international transport services, timeliness and the competence of employees.

This year, the only countries to beat Belgium were Germany and Sweden. Our country also achieved third place in 2014, but dropped down to sixth place two years ago. The increase this year is mainly due to excellent performance related to timeliness and international transport (first place) and competence (second place). Our performance is somewhat lower in the area of customs and infrastructure.

Belgium's strong position could be an advantage in attracting new foreign investments.

More information can be found on the website of the World Bank: