Ophthalmic equipment manufacturer Hasa Optix Belgium takes US market by storm


Hasa Optix Belgium is a young and dynamic Brussels-based company that develops precision ophthalmic equipment. Now it is also rolling up its sleeves to take the US market by storm. A thorough and lengthy preparation preceded it.

Developing sustainable, i.e. recyclable, precision equipment for single-use by ophthalmologists and hospitals is Hasa Optix Belgium's mission. And the company is gradually making a name for itself with this. But it is aiming for more. It will bring its instruments to the US market through the network of its new shareholder, Rayner, a major UK player in ophthalmology that designs and develops intraocular lenses and injection equipment for cataract surgery. Rayner has an extensive commercial infrastructure covering the entire territory of the United Streets, allowing Hasa Optix Belgium to distribute its range of durable and ergonomic premium single-use products throughout the country. A significant and unprecedented asset.

Moreover, several leading US eye specialists favour Hasa Optix Belgium's project to bet heavily on booming cataract surgery. They aim to make ophthalmology better and more accessible. And the company's intention fits in perfectly with that.