Reopening of the Euro Space Center


The Euro Space Center is reopening after more than a year of major work. More than an amusement park dedicated to space, the site also aims to be an educational tool for all audiences.

The Euro Space Center opened in 1991 in Transinne (province of Luxembourg) and is again starting to welcome visitors and interns in October. As Yvan Fonteyne, one of the managers, explains, "We now offer the public more fun and have also improved our educational aspect." The goal is to understand the physical and mathematical laws experienced by astronauts while on a mission. 

The conquest of the planet Mars has become one of the themes promoted at the Center. A "Martian village" has also been built. Visitors are invited to have experiences encountered in space like real astronauts, and will discover new attractions. These include the centrifuge that produces the sensations felt when a rocket takes off, the fall into a space module with electromagnetic braking and the slide that simulates free fall.

This educational theme park therefore offers more interactivity with the public and is even more in line with the international deployment of the Redu-Transinne space centre, which includes the Galaxia park and the ESA-ESEC centre in Redu.