The highest climbing wall in Europe will be Belgian


In Liège, a desecrated basilica is being replaced by a multifunctional project that includes a panoramic restaurant, a cinema, atypical housing, and the highest indoor climbing course in Europe.

The Basilica of Cointe is located on the heights of Liège, on the site of the Inter-Allied Memorial commemorating the Allies' involvement during the First World War. Liège was chosen at the time because it was considered the first city to be severely affected by the conflict.

Although listed, this imposing neo-Byzantine-style building erected in 1928 had been abandoned for a decade. A call for projects was finally launched by its owner, the Fondation Basilique de la Paix. And of all those submitted, the project designed by Creative Architecture and named "Basilica Experience" has just been selected.

The church that was officially named Eglise du Sacré-Cœur et Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes until its desecration in 2010 will soon be redeveloped into a large leisure area, while still housing a memorial space, as the crypt and the sacristy will retain their religious vocation.

In addition to a local cinema, a panoramic restaurant with a view of the Fervent City, and housing bubbles suspended from the dome, from 2023 the "Basilica Experience" project will house Europe's highest climbing room (the second highest in the world) with a ceiling height of 40 metres.

This is a project that should appeal to a young, dynamic audience, both locally and internationally.