Did you know that the Tour du Midi is the largest tower in Belgium?


150 metres high and with 36 floors, the Tour du Midi, more commonly known as the "Tour des pensions" is the largest tower in Belgium. It might not be as big as the One World Street Center tower in New York or the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, but we don't mind. We are proud of it and we have many good reasons to be!

First of all, the techniques used to build it were remarkable for the time. Built between 1962 and 1967, it consists of a base that rests on foundations with devices that can redress the tower in the event of an earthquake. This base forms the central core of the tower. Each floor is "suspended" and rests on beams that are attached to it, like branches attached to a trunk. This construction method saves space, since it is no longer necessary to use columns to support the structure. Thanks to this system, fully 60% of the tower's surface area can be used for office space!

It also sets a good example in terms of energy performance. Over the past ten years, enormous efforts have been made to ensure a responsible and sustainable approach. Since 2008, the tower's electricity consumption has decreased by 29%, while its fuel oil consumption has decreased by 37%. In the last four years, that means that no less than 6,017 tonnes of CO2 have been saved! Finally, a hanging vegetable garden has been installed on the roof of the building for the enjoyment of employees!

The Tour du Midi might not be the tallest tower in the world, but it is certainly one of the best designed for our times, and offers optimal energy performance.