Russians love Denis De Gloire's art


The West Flemish artist Denis De Gloire is becoming a favourite of Russian art lovers with his abstract expressionist works. On the invitation of natural gas company Gazprom, he is holding his fourth exhibition in Russia as well as making live art.

Denis De Gloire was invited by the Russian company Gazprom to exhibit his abstract expressionist art in Astrachan. In 2016, the natural gas company is celebrating its 35th anniversary in the South Russian region. With the support from the D.E.V.E Gallery Bruges-Moscow and the Belgian embassy in Russia, De Gloire will not only hold an exhibition, but he is also invited to make live art in Astrachan's opera house.

It isn't the first time that Russian art lovers are experiencing De Gloire's art. The paintings of the West Flemish artist could previously be seen in Tsjeboksary, St Petersburg and Moscow. The Russians are clearly enamoured with De Gloire's paintings in the style of Jackson Pollock. He is inspired by Pollock's dripping technique, in which he throws or drips paint onto a canvas. From his studio in Waregem, the former boxer has made a name for himself as an action painter in the international art scene.