Abstract art in Belgium


Come and discover little-known art that is well worth a detour, in a haven of greenery a few kilometres from Brussels.

In 1965, the Museum of Ixelles organised an exhibition dedicated to the Flemish farmer and painter Felix De Boeck (1898-1995), who devoted six days of the week to working in his fields on the outskirts of Brussels, storing up images and emotions and transposing them onto the canvas on Sundays. At the time, his unusual work was already considered that of a pioneer of modernism in Belgium.

Today and until January 14, 2021, the FeliXart de Drogenbos is honouring him with a retrospective exhibition: Abstract art, a bird's eye view. This title is inspired by one of the pivotal works in the event: The Pigeon (1927). As a preamble, we find a painting by Louis Thevenet: Harmonium (1918), from which we follow the course of time to the present day through the works of Belgian abstract painters.

For online booking and practical information, please visit  the website.

This visit is also an opportunity for a hike in the country, just a stone's throw from the capital.