Wind farm giant DEME is forging ahead


Now DEME, a world leader in the highly specialised field of dredging, is at the forefront of offshore wind energy.

DEME has been listed on the stock exchange, a logical step. Already in 2020, DEME wanted to diversify its portfolio. It saw fit to turn to environmental activities and wind energy. It has now grown from a dredging company into a leading international wind farm installation company. It takes care of both the foundation and the construction of the mast, the nacelle and the turbine blades. Now it specialises in the reclamation of contaminated soil, offshore foundations, cable laying and floating wind farms, the installation and transportation of platforms and turbines, deep-sea mining, green hydrogen and finally the very financing of wind farms. Feel free to call it a one-stop shop for offshore wind energy.

Europe is already at its feet and now DEME is starting to conquer the US and Asian markets, the two largest growth markets in dredging and offshore wind energy. The sectors are complementary. All of the knowledge, skill, experience, fleet and other assets, which the diversified group has built up over the years, will come in very handy, as artificial islands and energy hubs are expected to be the future. It looks like that the future is also bright for DEME.