DEME cooperates in the first offshore wind turbine project in the USA


World-renowned Belgian dredging group DEME, whose specialisms include solutions for the offshore energy sector, will be working through a subsidiary on the first large-scale wind turbine project off the coast of the United States.

The name of this large-scale project is Vineyard Wind 1. It will be located some 25 km off the coast of Massachusetts, in the Atlantic Ocean. It was already known that DEME Offshore's American subsidiary would build 84 wind turbines to produce 800 megawatts (MW), supply electricity to 400,000 families and businesses and employ 3,600 people. But it will also perform a range of other tasks, namely the transportation and installation of monopile foundations, transition pieces, corrosion protection and, finally, the foundation of the offshore power substation platform.


The cooperation between DEME and the local partners will also have a positive impact on the US workforce. They will benefit from the expertise of renowned offshore wind companies, and can use this to develop an all-American workforce. A new wind is clearly blowing in the US wind turbine market.