Transurb Simulation, the rail transport professional


Have you ever wondered how the tram, train or metro driver who takes you to work every morning learnt to drive their vehicle?! The answer? Transurb Simulation.

Transurb Simulation is a Belgian company that creates driving simulators for the rail and urban public transport sector.  The company also provides different types of training. For example, it trains train, tram and metro drivers and the agents who maintain the tracks. It is also responsible for creating training exercises on the simulators.

The aim of the company is to reproduce as far as possible the cabins, train models and railway lines from the country or region of its clients. Transurb Simulation is first and foremost responsible for software development. The mechanical side is sub-contracted, but it is the company that delivers the entire project to the client.

In 2017, 82% of Transurb Simulation was purchased by John Cockerill, which allowed the SME to expand its network throughout the world. Today, drivers from all over the world, including Norway, Australia and Colombia, use the services of Transurb Simulation. The company also wants to develop further and offer its services in South-East Asia, Malaysia, Singapore and the United States.