Google opens a digital academy in Brussels


After London, Google is now also opening a branch of its Google Digital Skills Academy in the heart of Brussels. The digital academy focuses on the further training of digital skills and will be permanently open from April 25, 2018 onwards.

In today's digital world, keeping up with the latest digital developments can be fascinating. Google helps you improve skills and inspire you to tap into new possibilities. The internet company has a wide range of programmes, from beginner to advanced. The purpose of the digital academy? To help you become the driving force behind future successful activities. Google wants to provide training for 10,000 Belgians this year.

You can find the Google Academy in BeCentral, the digital entrepreneur campus on the first floor of Brussels' Central Station. Currently, BeCentral is renting 2,500 sq.m. office space from the SNCB, but it would like to rent a second floor, with another 1,000 sq.m. of space. The SNCB also sees this as a way of attracting additional visitors.Those who attend a workshop can take the train to Central Station from any station in Belgium; a return journey costs € 9.60.

The school was officially opened on Wednesday 25 April by the Minister of Development Cooperation, Alexander De Croo, among others. Everyone has access to the site; visitors can attend workshops and online trainings for free in order to improve their digital skills. Each day, there are sessions on different topics, ranging from online visibility and managing social networks to search engine optimization.

In June 2017, London already hosted this digital academy in a 3,700 sq.m. space, with auditoriums and various digital showcases.