Brussels Airport continues to break records


Brussels Airport has been successful in achieving not only a record month, but also a record quarter. This confirms the confidence of both passengers and companies in Belgium's national airport.

In March 2017, Brussels Airport welcomed no less than 1,879,510 passengers, thus beating its previous passenger record from March 2015 by 10%. Compared to March 2015, the number of passengers climbing aboard in Brussels grew faster (+11.2%) than the number of transit passengers (+7.7%). This is explained by the fact that Jet Airways was still operating at Brussels Airport in 2015, therefore accounting for some of the transit passengers. Brussels Airport's quarterly performance is no less impressive, reaching as many as 4,977,000 passengers. This is the best quarter in the airport's entire history.

Cargo transport grew in the last quarter by 13.3% compared to the same period in 2015. On a monthly basis, cargo transport increased considerably by 15.3% in March 2017, compared to March 2015. Levels of cargo transport had in fact already been on the rise during previous months and this growth trend is clearly being maintained.

*It was decided to use 2015 for comparison due to the fact that the airport was shut for a while following the attacks on 22 March 2016. This means that a comparison with 2016 figures would create the wrong impression.