Brucargo strengthens its European leadership in terms of logistics


After two years of work, Brussels airport is inaugurating a new 50,000 m² logistics building. Brucargo now has the largest refrigerated space among European airports.

Thanks to the major extension works to its buildings that have just been completed, Brussels Airport is significantly expanding its offering of handling spaces for its freight activity for imports and exports. More than a hundred companies in the logistics chain are present at Brucargo, which confirms its central role in terms of logistics for air transport in Europe. The new 50,000 m² warehouses are devoted mainly to refrigerated storage and constitute a major asset for two major sectors of our economy, namely the pharmaceutical and biotechnological sectors, which continue to develop. These storage spaces will also be used for fresh and perishable goods.

The completion of the works, which started before the pandemic, comes just at the right time in order to reinforce Belgium's crucial logistics role in the fight against coronavirus.

As Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport explains: "Thanks to Brucargo West, we have additional logistical resources for the safe transport of pharmaceutical products in general, and COVID-19 vaccines in particular."

Among all the European airports, Brussels Airport is now the one with the largest refrigerated storage space.