Belgium supplies Australia with bicycles that can recharge smartphones


Brisbane international airport has installed at its premises a concept that is unique in Australia. Now, travellers waiting for long international flights have access to several booths equipped with bicycles.

Thanks to these bicycles, travellers are able to pass the time, do some sport and have fun while they recharge their smartphone. This system creates energy while they pedal. Thus, if enough energy is produced, it can be used directly to recharge smartphones. Recharge time with this process is similar to the time needed with an electric socket. These stations, installed inside the airport, only use sustainable materials and offer an ecological energy supply solution.

This initiative was developed by a Belgian company and is a big hit in Australia. Clint Harvey, Business Development Manager at Brisbane international airport claims that he came up with this idea after seeing the system at several European train stations, in particular in Belgium and France. In Brisbane, these bicycles are much appreciated and are in almost constant use by travellers. Currently, they are located in the check-in area, but, in the future, the airport wants to add other bicycles in waiting rooms.