Belgian car sharing company expands


The Belgian car sharing company Poppy is expanding its horizons to include yet another city, namely Liège.

While the cars were already present at Charleroi Airport, Liège is the first Walloon city to welcome them. It is the company’s eighth location after Antwerp, its airport, Brussels, Mechelen, Ghent, Brussels Airport and the aforementioned Charleroi Airport.

Much of Poppy’s car selection is eco-responsible, with electric and hybrid models, as well as some gasoline options.

Poppy recently celebrated a big birthday: the Antwerp-based company turned five years old in January 2023. In those five years, it has expanded rapidly, amassing a fleet of 3,000 vehicles.

Besides automobiles, the company also has e-steps and scooters available. All of this is in line with Belgium’s evolving mobility landscape, which has seen a major rise in shared mobility in the last ten years.

May Poppy and similar car sharing companies in Belgium continue to grow and ensure that our country’s mobility solutions continue to answer to the people’s changing needs. It is in this way that we create the world of tomorrow!