Park Bridge Spoor Noord in Antwerp wins international award


Park Bridge Spoor Noord was officially opened in 2016. Since then, pedestrians and cyclists can use the bridge to get from the Eilandje district to Park Spoor Noord and back, across the Noorderplaats. In September, engineering consultancy Ney & Partners snatched up the Footbridge Award 2017 in Berlin for its construction.

It is fair to say that the bridge is a technical masterpiece. At sunrise, the giant construction was hauled via special transport on water to its final destination at the Noorderplaats. It is quite a feat to turn around a bridge spanning 67 metres and weighing 170 tonnes in an urban environment and to then slot it into position between the London Tower on the Eilandje and Artesis Plantijn University College at Park Spoor Noord. With a huge amount of patience and a great deal of precision work, however, they succeeded.

With its unusual appearance, the bridge is a striking gateway to the north of the city. Depending on the line of sight and the direction of movement, bridge users constantly experience its underside, flanks or top in a different way. Crossing the bridge is said to be an amazing experience. The pattern of openings combined with the structure create the impression of walking through a room. The sun and natural light create an interplay of light and shade during the day, whilst during the night the neighbourhood lights up like a lantern.

The Footbridge Award is an international contest organised by Bridge Design & Engineering, the magazine par excellence for the bridge industry.