Did you know that Belgium has opened its first swimming pool for dogs?


The "Dog Centre" (Centre of Education and Well-Being for Dogs) in Charleroi opened its first swimming pool for dogs in October 2016. This initiative, unique in Belgium, allows dogs to expend their energy healthily with or without their owner.

The "Dog Centre" offers many services designed specifically for dogs, including canine education lessons, a toilet area, a physiotherapy service and even sports and relaxing massages. With its new "Dog Pool", the centre now also offers the chance to practice hydrotherapy sessions with veterinarian assistance.

The swimming pool has been designed entirely with proper hygiene in mind. Indeed, the swimming pool maintenance technician has developed a filtration system using surface suction to suck up the hairs. The venue is also characterised by a fast and complete water cycle and dog-friendly showers and cabins are available. The swimming pool is accessible by appointment only and can be hired privately.