Two Belgians create the first external multifunctional battery for laptops


Nancy and Quentin, a Belgian couple, created together the first external multifunctional battery for laptops. This 9mm thick battery is called "Line Dock” and has all the conventional adapters. Notice to those who need a battery with maximum autonomy, Line Dock will be available in June 2017.

Do you travel a lot ? Does your laptop often breaks down in locations with no power outlets? Two Belgians have found the solution! Thanks to Line Dock, you can walk around without carrying a multitude of adapters to connect various peripherals to your laptop. In fact, not only does this portable battery have a USB-C port but also all conventional adapters (HDMI, USB, MiniDisplay, SD card reader, etc.), and four wireless charging ports for your mobile terminals.

Imagine a support that offers up to 1 terabyte of extra storage and 15 additional hours to your battery life on your laptop - all in a 9mm slab that you slip under your computer to charge it. For this creation, Nancy and Quentin hoped to raise $50,000 in funding. Instead, they received $250,000! This demonstrates the interest of the general public in this new idea.

Once again, our Belgians have done their best to improve our small daily inconvenience.