Smart toilet sets correct water flow rate


We are already familiar with urinals with an automatic flushing system. Now, the four engineers and product developers from the Wilrijk-based company IPEE have designed a toilet, called Buddy, that scans what and how much goes into the bowl. It then determines how much water to use for flushing.

Back in 2007, another, rather wacky, invention by the four friends made it to trade shows and festivals. By directing jets of urine at sensors, you could play a computer game while peeing.

This innovation is a lot more serious and useful. People you live with (yourself not included of course) are sometimes a little careless during their toilet visits. If that's the case, it's ideal that this example of cutting-edge technology quite literally cleans up behind your back, ready for the next user. Comfortable and touch-free, so hyper-hygienic. No buttons, just wave to activate Buddy. And it's sustainable too because, thanks to patented sensors, the system knows the exact size of the 'delivery' and autonomously determines the amount of water needed for each flush. Good for the environment as well as your wallet when the price of water goes up. You can also say goodbye to a blinding light when you have to get out of bed at night. A splash of soft indirect light creates ideal conditions for answering the call of nature. Be careful not to nod off again while you're there, though.

Buddy is popular with individuals, businesses and airports, as far away as Singapore.