Belgian dredging company Jan De Nul wins a prestigious contract in Monaco


Monaco has suffered as a result of its limited size for many years. Its surface area is currently home to 38,000 inhabitants, making the Principality the most densely populated country in the world. To meet the growing demand, the Principality is increasing its surface area by six hectares by reclaiming land from the sea. This means that drainage work will be carried out, and it is the Belgian company Jan De Nul that won the 100 million euro contract for the project.

The Group will build the largest site currently in operation in Europe. For this project, work will be carried out in the heart of the city, using a number of innovative and sustainable techniques that will keep pollution to a minimum for both inhabitants and the environment. Ten ships will be used in the project. Before being called into action, some of the ships had already moved the protective blocks from the former seawall and the polluted sand along the coast. Others will follow, this time to fill the space between the new seawall and the land with stones and sand.