18 April 2018

All hands on deck! This year, the Port of Brussels will celebrate its 25th anniversary. And this will not go unnoticed. Various events will brighten up the port area throughout 2018.

18 April 2018

Is Paul Van Haver, alias Stromae, back in the music world? The well-known Belgian singer-songwriter will release a new single at the end of April. "The creativity is still there," the singer explained.

18 April 2018

‘The early celebrity of Peter Paul Rubens’, is the name of the exhibition that is intended to promote the Belgian artist among the Americans.

13 April 2018

They had previously disappeared from Belgium, and even largely from Europe. But now they are back: peregrine falcons. 12 couples have settled in Brussels alone, including a couple in the tower of the Cathedral of St Michael and St Gudula in the heart of the capital city, since 2004.


09 February 2018 - 03 June 2018

The Centre for Fine Arts Brussels is dedicating an exhibition to Fernand Léger, an exceptional witness of his age; this exhibition has just opened and will run until 3 June 2018.

Promotional film about Belgium

Kingdom of Belgium

Capital   Brussels
Area   30,528 km²
Population   11 million
Population Density   365 inhabitants/km²
Languages   Dutch, French, German
Political System   Monarchy
Head of State   H.M. King Philippe
Hymn   Brabançonne
Motto   Strength through Unity
Currency   Euro
GDP   $524,8 Billion

Did you know ?

Did you know that two Belgians discovered Cape Horn?