14 December 2017

Since 1545, Tongerlo Abbey has been home to a replica of "The Last Supper" by Leonardo Da Vinci. Art experts even believe that Da Vinci himself painted two of the figures in the work. An American art historian is now launching a fundraising campaign to have the work restored.

12 December 2017

"Hello World" is the title of an album produced by the independent record label Flow Records. What is so special about it? It is a collaboration between humans and…artificial intelligence.

07 December 2017

Karen Van Godtsenhoven is to start work at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. She will become the new curator of the fashion department. To do so, she will leave her current role in Antwerp's fashion museum known as Momu, where she has been working ever since 2009.

07 December 2017

‘Adoration of the Mystic Lamb’ by the van Eyck brothers, ‘The empire of Light’ by René Magritte, ‘Intrigue’ by James Ensor, ‘Dull Gret (also known as Mad Meg)’ by Pieter Breughel the Elder and ‘Vertigo’ by Léon Spilliaert.


24 November 2017 - 31 December 2017

The 17th edition of Plaisirs d’Hiver, the large Christmas market, is returning to Brussels city centre.

Promotional film about Belgium

Kingdom of Belgium

Capital   Brussels
Area   30,528 km²
Population   11 million
Population Density   365 inhabitants/km²
Languages   Dutch, French, German
Political System   Monarchy
Head of State   H.M. King Philippe
Hymn   Brabançonne
Motto   Strength through Unity
Currency   Euro
GDP   $524,8 Billion

Did you know ?

Did you know that speculoos biscuits stem from an ancient tradition?