16 February 2018

Every four years, the Winter Olympics see hundreds of athletes scrambling to amass medals, enter the history books and represent their country to the best of their ability. This year, Belgian has no fewer than 22 representatives in PyeongChang, South Korea.

16 February 2018

The Bois du Cazier appears among nine new European sites to receive the European Heritage Label this year. After the Mundaneum in Mons, the site of the former coal mine in Marcinelle has become the second Belgian site to receive this prestigious label.

09 February 2018

Google, the American technology giant, has opened a new solar plant in Saint-Ghislain, near Mons. The company is also expanding its data centre. This represents a combined investment of 250 million euros.

09 February 2018

Natuurpunt, and its Walloon counterpart Natagora, sent the Belgians flocking into their gardens on 3 and 4 February, to keep up the annual bird-counting tradition. Apparently there was a massive response to the request from these nature associations.


10 March 2018 - 25 March 2018

Brussels is organising the second BANAD festival between 10 and 25 March. This event will place the Brussels-Capital Region's art nouveau and art deco heritage in the spotlight.

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Kingdom of Belgium

Capital   Brussels
Area   30,528 km²
Population   11 million
Population Density   365 inhabitants/km²
Languages   Dutch, French, German
Political System   Monarchy
Head of State   H.M. King Philippe
Hymn   Brabançonne
Motto   Strength through Unity
Currency   Euro
GDP   $524,8 Billion

Did you know ?

Belgium's about to go carnival-crazy again