14 July 2017

The famous American magazine MIT Technology Review has named researcher Julien de Wit as "Belgian innovator of the year".

04 July 2017

The Belgian Cats, the national women's basketball team, have won the bronze medal at the European Championships in the Czech Republic. This is the very first time in the history of Belgian basketball.

16 June 2017

We still need to wait until October 2018 before the European Space Agency ESA launches the 'Solar Orbiter' satellite to the sun. But one important component is already ready: a telescope which will make high-resolution images of the star's atmosphere.

27 July 2017

A statue of Audrey Hepburn will be installed in Rue Keyenveld in Ixelles. This is no coincidence as the actress was born here in 1929. The date of the statue's installation is still unknown.


16 August 2017 - 19 August 2017

Those thinking of Belgian summer festivals, think of Pukkelpop. The Pukkelpop meadow in Kiewit, near Hasselt, will again be welcoming plenty of musical talent this year.

Promotional film about Belgium

Kingdom of Belgium

Capital   Brussels
Area   30,528 km²
Population   11 million
Population Density   365 inhabitants/km²
Languages   Dutch, French, German
Political System   Monarchy
Head of State   H.M. King Philippe
Hymn   Brabançonne
Motto   Strength through Unity
Currency   Euro
GDP   $524,8 Billion

Did you know ?

Did you know there is a difference between the Liege waffle and the Brussels waffle?