In the run up to the Olympic Games, each week we'll be presenting the athletes who will have the privilege of competing for Belgium in Paris between 26 July and 11 August 2024. We do this discipline by discipline... Today, we're highlighting our rowers, whether in rowing or canoeing!

Rowing: originally a means of transport used in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, it was not until the late 17th and early 18th centuries in England that rowing became a sport. This sport involves athletes positioning themselves with their backs to the direction in which they are moving, and therefore crossing the finish line with their backs to it. There are two disciplines: sculling and sweep rowing. Whereas in sweep rowing, the rower handles a single oar with both hands, in sculling the rower handles an oar in each hand.

  • Tim Brys (Skiff - one single rower) is an athlete from Ghent, born on 30 July 1992, who has already won a bronze medal at the World and European Championships.
  • Niels Van Zandweghe (28) and Tibo Vyvey (23), both from Bruges, have won European and World titles in the U23 category. They will form a lightweight duo. 

Canoeing: the kayak seems to have originated in Greenland, where it was used by the Eskimos mainly for hunting, fishing and transport. The canoe, on the other hand, was used for transport and trade all over the world. Canoeing competitions began in the mid-19th century. Canoeing therefore comprises two very different disciplines, namely sprint canoeing and slalom canoeing. Each discipline refers to two types of craft: kayak and canoe. In kayaking, the athlete is seated and uses a double paddle, while in canoeing they kneel in the boat and use a single paddle.

  • Artuur Peters (K1 1,000 m) was born on 26 October 1996 in Hechtel-Eksel (Limburg province) and has already won two bronze medals at European championships.
  • Lize Broekx (32, from Neerpelt in Limburg province) and Hermien Peters (29, from Hechtel-Eksel) form a duo that won silver in the K2 500 metres at the European Championships in Munich and bronze over the same distance at the World Championships in Dartmouth.

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