Two medals for Belgium at European Athletics Indoor Championships


At the European Athletics Indoor Championships in Glasgow, the Belgian Tornados have won a gold medal on the 4x400 metres. The Belgian athlete Cynthia Bolingo won a silver medal on the 400m.

One silver and one gold for Belgium, but it could just as well have been two golden medals, for the Brussels athlete Cynthia Bolingo finished only one hundredth of a second after the Swiss Léa Sprunger. You couldn't tell the difference with the naked eye. The disappointment was therefore big when Bolingo was told that the gold was not hers. “I really didn't know who had won. I kept everything crossed and hoped for the best ... one hundredth of a second, it's crazy, but I have no reason to complain: I am vice-European champion. My first medal as a senior.” Bolingo ran the final in 51.62 seconds. That's 2.85 seconds faster than the time she started the year with.

The Belgian Tornados won the gold medal on the 4x400m in 3:06.27. Besides Kevin, Jonathan and Dylan, Jacques Borlée could rely on an excellent Julien Watrin. The Spanish time was 3:06.32; the bronze went to France with 3:07.71. At the 2015 European Indoor Championships in Prague, the Tornados already managed to secure a gold medal with the same team.