Silver medal at the World Breakdance Championships


Belgian Maxime Blieck has taken second place in the world's biggest breakdance competition, a discipline soon to be part of the Olympics!

Salzburg, Austria, was the venue for the world finals of the Red Bull BC One, the world's leading breakdance event.

This acrobatic dance that originates in hip-hop culture is characterised by jerking body movements and floor figures. A breakdancer is most often called a b-boy (for a man) or b-girl (for a woman). This spectacular dance has enjoyed worldwide success for several decades now.

As international competitions multiplied, the Olympic authorities decided to make breakdance a new Olympic sport. Just like climbing, skateboarding and surfing, b-boys and b-girls will have a chance to shine at the 2024 Games in Paris. As IOC President Thomas Bach explained, "This is a superb opportunity for the Olympic Games to add dynamism, attract a younger audience and integrate the urban spirit into the event". 

This silver medal by 20-year old Belgian Maxime Blieck, better known as b-girl Madmax, can help us to dream of Olympic gold.