Romelu Lukaku most expensive Belgian sportsman of all time


Belgian footballers are among the most expensive athletes in the world. This has been highlighted yet again by Romelu Lukaku's transfer to Manchester United.

85.5 million euros. That is how much the English football club was willing to pay for Romelu Lukaku, still only 24 years old. In one fell swoop this staggering amount makes Lukaku the most expensive Belgian sportsman of all time. As such, he topples Kevin De Bruyne who transferred to Manchester City last year for 75 million euros. 

For a long time it looked like a transfer to Chelsea was more likely, however Manchester United gained the upper hand with a final offer of 85.5 million euros. Lukaku signs a contract for 5 years and will play, among others, alongside fellow Red Devil and established Manchester United player Marouanne Fellaini.