Loena Hendrickx is the vice-champion of Europe!


In figure skating, the 23-year-old from Antwerp has become the first Belgian in history to stand on a European podium. Nina Pinzarrone from Brussels, just 16 years old, finished in fifth place.

23-year-old Belgian figure skater Loena Hendrickx has made history by becoming the first Belgian skater to win a European medal, finishing in second place at this year's competition in Espoo, Finland.

Loena started her free programme promisingly with a successful triple combination, followed by a double Axel and a dance that set the rink on fire. However, an unfortunate double fall on the triple Lutz and the triple flip midway through her routine created pressure for the skater. She nevertheless finished her programme strongly and the judges awarded her a score of 125.63 points for this free programme which, added to her 67.85 points for the short programme, placed her in provisional first place with 193.48 points.

Unfortunately for the Belgian, the Georgian Anastasiia Gubanova managed to maintain her faultless rhythm and added 130.10 points to her 69.81 points for the short programme, allowing her to win the European title with 199.91 points.

By showing everyone that she is a talented and determined skater, Loena Hendrickx is establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with in the figure skating world.

We must also mention the wonderful fifth place achieved by Brussels skater Nina Pinzarrone (185.92 pts). At the age of just 16, she was the great revelation of this European competition.

With such talent, Belgian figure skating can expect great success in the future.