Hugo Broos is the first Belgian coach to win a nations' cup


Hugo Broos has won the Africa Cup 2017 together with Cameroon's national team. He is the first Belgian coach who can claim such success in a nations' cup. Broos has already been named Belgian coach of the year on four occasions.

Hugo Broos has achieved the impossible. Against all odds he managed to take Cameroon's national football team to the title in the Africa Cup. Using some great tactics in the final against Egypt, Cameroon managed to turn themselves around to end in victory with a 1-2 score. Nonetheless, no one with any knowledge of the tournament ever expected Cameroon to do so well: a number of players even quit and the national association had their doubts about Broos's abilities.

Even so, Cameroon grew to hit top form during the tournament and, with a bit of luck here and there, managed to knock out the favourites including Senegal and Ghana. In doing so Broos made history, as the first Belgian coach to win a nations' cup. Broos, who is also an outstanding footballer, previously won three Belgian titles as a coach and has been elected Belgian coach of the year four times. Adding to the Belgian celebrations was the fact that two players on the field play for Belgium. Collins Fai (Standard) and Sébastien Siani (Oostende) were among those raising the cup.