High hopes for the 2022 Winter Olympics


The world's best winter sports athletes will meet in Beijing from 4 to 20 February 2022. It will see a quest for Olympic medals in which 19 Belgians are taking part with ambition in nine different disciplines.

Here are the 19 athletes representing Belgium in nine disciplines at the 24th Olympic Winter Games:

In the biathlon, a cross-country ski race with repeated stops to shoot at five targets, we find César Beauvais, Florent Claude, Tom Lahaye-Goffart, Thierry Langer, and Lotte Lie in the women's category.

In the bobsleigh, our two representatives from the Belgian Bullets, Sara Aerts and An Vannieuwenhuyse, are looking to achieve a good time on their streamlined device that will slide down a very winding icy track.

In figure skating, we find the graceful Loena Hendrickx.

Our speed skating competitors are Sandrine Tas, Mathias Vosté and, of course, our reigning European champion, Bart Swings. In the short track speed skating, we have Hanne Desmet and Stijn Desmet.

In the skeleton, an individual discipline consisting of descending an icy track lying flat on your stomach on a board with your head facing forwards (unlike the luge where you lie on your back with your head facing backwards), we are represented by Kim Meylemans.

In alpine skiing, we will watch with interest the descents of Sam Maes, Armand Marchant and Dries Van Der Broecke.

Our only representative in the cross-country skiing is Thibaut De Marre, and in snowboarding Evy Poppe.

For more details on the composition of the Belgian delegation and the current events, please visit the Team Belgium website.