The Belgian Tornados came 3rd in the 4x400m relay race at the world championships in Doha, after Jamaica and the United States.

The team adopted careful tactics, coached by Jacques Borlée. He positioned Jonathan Sacoor in the starting position. His aim? A quick start, but above all to match the tempo of the American and Jamaican athletes! Mission accomplished, and the same applied to Robin Vanderbemden, the 2nd to carry the baton, who ran his maximum speed to avoid being overtaken by his Colombian opponent.

Halfway through the race, Dylan Borlée mirrored the success of his team members. He did all he could to maintain their good position. His brother, Kevin, did the final sprint, winning them the bronze medal, in a time of 2:58:78 hours.

The reward for the Belgian Tornados is top level and their first medal at the outdoor world championships. Not only that, they also achieved the second-best time ever in Belgian history.

We wish them similar success in the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020, to which they earned their place by qualifying for the final in Doha!