Belgian Tumbling European Champion


Tachina Peeters wins gold medal at the European Championships in Trampoline and Tumbling.

Tumbling is an acrobatic gymnastic discipline that is performed on a 25-metre-long and 1.5-metre-wide sprung track. After a long run-up, the Tumblers run along the track performing a sequence of eight consecutive acrobatics, without interruption or break in rhythm. Only contact with the feet and hands is allowed for the execution of these many twisting somersaults embellished with spins while jumping several metres high.

Tachina Peeters distinguished herself in the best possible way at the European Championships of this spectacular sport which were held in Sochi, Russia, this year. Already ranked first in the qualifying round, the gymnast from Mechelen confirmed her status as favourite in the final.  With a total of 70.800 points, she deservedly climbed to the top of the podium, ahead of Russia's Viktoriia Danilenko and France's Candy Brière-Vetillard. Let's not forget the wonderful sixth place achieved by Evi Milh from Ostend.

Congratulations to this young athlete for her European Championship title!