Belgian skydiving team wins world championship


The Belgian skydiving team has again won the formation skydiving event at the world championship in Doha.

The Belgian parachute team currently consists of Michele Silvi, Andy Grauwels, Dennis Praet, Jeroen Nollet and David Grauwels, all members of the Belgian army. And the HayaBusa, which means peregrine falcon in Japanese, have been racking up titles and records on the international scene for several years.

The principle of the formation jump consists of a 35-second freefall during which the team of four skydivers must perform as many compulsory formations as possible. A cameraman also jumps with each team to film their performances, which are then analysed by a jury.

The HayaBusa were crowned world champions once again, beating hosts Qatar and Germany.

The next big event for these skydivers will take place in Belgium, where the World Cup of Indoor Skydiving will be held in Charleroi in April 2022.  This involves performing formations in a free-fall simulator. With its 17-meter-high tunnel, Charleroi has the highest simulator in Europe.