Bart Swings skates for a bronze medal at the European championships


Bart Swings has won the bronze medal for all-round skating at the European championships in Herenveen in the Netherlands. The Belgian had a moderate start to the tournament, but then truly got his skates on for a fantastic performance in the ten kilometre race. Swings also won bronze in 2016.

With his strong final ten kilometres Bart Swings was able to take third place on the podium at the European skating championships. Nonetheless, for a long time it seemed that the Belgian has missed his chance of a medal. Swings saw his opportunity fade away as he was left back in fifteenth place after the 500 metres. However, he managed to climb the ranks again after coming fifth on two occasions. Then, during the final event, he was able to leave his competitors behind.

Sven Kramer, the overall master of international skating, defended his European title with conviction in front of a home audience in Herenveen. His compatriot Jan Blokhuijsen added to the Dutch celebrations by skating his way to silver. This is Swings' second medal at the European all-round skating championships. Indeed, he participates in in-line skating during the summer season and came second last season.