Alexander Blockx is the new world junior boys' number 1 in tennis


The young tennis player from Antwerp has reached the top of the world hierarchy, taking over from Gilles-Arnaud Bailly from Liège, who was also world number 1 at the end of 2022.

After Gilles-Arnaud Bailly at the end of last year, another Belgian is now at the top of the junior rankings published by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) for the month of May.

Alexander Blockx, the recent Australian Open singles champion (and doubles finalist), now has three junior titles to his name and is the new world no. 1. At the age of 18, this Antwerp native has achieved the same level of performance as his friend and compatriot Gilles-Arnaud Bailly from Liège, and just a few months later. Bailly is now starting out on the professional circuit but still holds a wonderful third place in the world junior rankings.

According to Alexander Blockx's coach, there is a healthy, positive complicity between the two great tennis hopefuls, "They are friends. They have taken part in a lot of tournaments together. They have always pushed each other, but gently, sportingly. Before the age of 12, Alexander was slightly ahead, then Gilles-Arnaud overtook him and this is how they have always pushed each other upwards. That's why they've grown up so well and are now friends and train together. It's a good situation."

Having two Belgians ranked among the top three players in the world is exceptional. It's obviously a long way from there to seeing them compete for the world crown on the professional circuit, like Justine Henin and Kim Clijsters did on the women's tour in the past... a step that all Belgians want them to take!