When artificial intelligence is used in medicine


The Brussels-based company Kantify, specialising in the field of artificial intelligence and the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) have developed a major medical innovation which will help to prevent cardiac events.

This is the result of a partnership between the private sector and the University, an interesting approach since it combined two different and complementary research approaches. Kantify and the IRIDIA research group at ULB have just developed the first system for predicting atrial fibrillation, a very common cardiac disease which affects 2% of the world’s population.

The creation of this algorithm after a year of research is a world premiere and will help save lives. The solution is able to prevent a fibrillation episode 30 seconds before it happens, with an accuracy of over 80%. This time period, which may seem insignificant at first is not at all. For pacemaker wearers, it will prevent fibrillation episodes from being triggered, reducing the risk of serious cardiac events. The success of this project is due, not only to the excellence of the research team, but also to their close collaboration with a Doctor specialised in Cardiology, Dr. Jean-Marie Grégoire.

This is an interesting example because it demonstrates the many applications that can now be offered thanks to  artificial intelligence, a future-focused discipline in which the Belgian company Kantify is specialised in.