Wallonia, at the forefront of sustainable chemistry


The European Commission has named Wallonia as one of the six best practice regions in the field of sustainable chemistry.

In the southern part of Belgium the development of sustainable energy has been a key priority for several years now. In the context of the Marshall Plan the competitiveness pool GreenWin was founded in 2010, in which businesses, universities and research centres are encouraged to cooperate closely towards a green economy.

Besides Wallonia, other selected regions include Scotland, Andalusia, the Dutch provinces Groningen and Drenthe, the Irish county of Tipperary and the Slovak region of Kosice. The six regions will receive several forms of advice and support from the European Commission in order to develop ambitious strategies in the fields of research, investments and production of sustainable chemistry.

The best practice regions will take the lead in the development of sustainable chemistry in Europe, particularly by making use of local raw materials such as biomass, waste or CO2. The experiences gained during this initiative will be shared with other interested European regions.