Verhaert becomes ESA partner


Kruibeke-based aerospace company Verhaert has been awarded an important contract by ESA (European Space Agency). The company will create earth-based applications on the basis of the ESA technology. Aerospace technology often leads to groundbreaking innovations and applications in everyday life.

The TechXfer programme developed by Verhaert differentiates from the classical approach for technology valorisation by diverging from a technology “push” model to a user-focused “pull” model, on the one hand, and through an integration of the complete chain of technology valorisation, on the other hand; ranging from opportunity creation via feasibility research, to the development and construction of demonstrators and prototypes.  CEO Koen Verhaert points out that in the execution of this contract his company will be one of the leading players in Europe in the field of  technology transfer.

In 2014, Verhaert was selected by  ESA and by the Belgian science policy office to develop a technology programme on national level. After an international procedure, this assignment is now extending to all ESA member states.  The overall European industry must be able to make use of the innovations, which will translate into a greater return for the investments made in aerospace.

Verhaert is a leading centre in the Belgian aerospace sector, renowned for the construction of the micro-satellites ESA uses for observing the earth. The company in Kruibeke is an innovation development partner for international multinationals as well as for innovative SMEs. The organization has four innovation centres in Belgium, the Netherlands and Portugal.