University of Ghent is Belgium's best university


For the sixth year in a row the University of Ghent (UGent) has the highest score among all Belgian universities in the so-called Shanghai ranking. In 2010 UGent was the first Belgian university to enter the top 100, at number 90. This year the Ghent university ranks 71st. The KU Leuven has also joined the top-100 this year, at number 90.

Every year since 2003 the Chinese Shanghai Jiaotong University has created the ‘Academic Ranking of World Universities’. This compares 1200 institutes of higher education throughout the world. Criteria include the number of Nobel prizes won by alumni and professors, the number of top publications and the number of researchers who are quoted regularly.

As in previous years the UGent scores highly thanks to the number of scientific publications, high productivity in relation to the number of academic staff and the number of publications in top Nature and Science journals.