Two Belgians who are not afraid of the cold


Two Belgian adventurers are taking on the crazy challenge of a triathlon in Greenland and are putting their expedition at the service of science.

In April 2022, these two Brussels natives will start an extraordinary journey to one of the most hostile regions in the world, Greenland. There, a 5-month triathlon will await them, combining a 600 km polar expedition on skis, 1000 km in a sea kayak and 1 km of vertical climbing, all in total autonomy. The challenge will be twofold, since the duo has decided to add a scientific dimension to their sporting exploit. Throughout the adventure in this region on the front line of the melting ice, they will collect environmental data for three Belgian centres: the Royal Observatory of Belgium, ULiège and the ULB, to which they will bring their field experience. The ULB will work closely with researchers interested in a dark zone detected by satellites and caused by algal growths. The samples collected by the adventurers should allow a better understanding of this phenomenon.

This project is already making a lot of headlines and making a contribution towards bringing scientific research closer to the general public. This phenomenon should be further reinforced now that a documentary (Sioux productions) is being prepared to tell the story of this very ambitious project.

For the time being, our two adventurers are getting ready: from the Vosges mountains for skiing, to Cornwall for kayaking and to Zion National Park for climbing, they are carrying out a series of "pre-expeditions".