New Copernicus mission for Liège company Amos


Liège-based company Amos is involved in the European Union's Copernicus Earth observation space programme, which will observe our planet and its environment on behalf of all European citizens.

The Copernicus programme will soon launch a new series of high-priority missions to monitor anthropogenic carbon dioxide (COM2), i.e. carbon dioxide produced by human activities. The objective is to refine the estimates of CO2 emissions from the use of fossil fuels - coal, oil and their derivatives - both nationally and regionally. This will provide the European Union with an independent instrument for assessing policy measures and their effectiveness in reducing Europe's carbon emissions.    

One of CO2M's optical instruments, the Cloud Imager, dedicated to monitoring cloud cover, will map the clouds in the Earth's atmosphere in order to differentiate between man-made and natural CO2 emissions. This is where the exceptional skills of the Liège-based firm Amos will be put to use to manufacture the high-precision aluminium telescope located in front of the two new satellites.

Amos has been involved in Earth observation missions for 20 years. Providing scientists with cutting-edge tools so they can better understand our planet and monitor our environment lies at the heart of its mission.