Meise’s Ark: botanical garden in Belgium protects nearly extinct plants


Did you know that the botanical garden of Meise (a town just north of Brussels in the province of Flemish Brabant) has set up an initiative to save plants that are at risk of extinction?

That’s right, Meise has gone biblical: while you’re probably familiar with the tale of Noah’s Ark, you might not have known about the Green Ark until now. Tens of thousands of plants are gathered in a new complex at Meise’s botanical garden, with the noble purpose of combating a dramatic decrease in biodiversity. 

The future of these plants is in the hands of three of each kind, and each plant can grow in the ideal conditions thanks to the latest innovative technology. Whether they’re from an arid climate or thrive in wetter conditions, warm or cold, everything is possible in this 7,600 square-metre pavilion.  

It might be worth mentioning that, according to the botanical garden, it’s the only place in the world where visitors can take a peek behind the scenes and see the scientific efforts being undertaken to save these tens of thousands of plants from around the world from extinction. 

We certainly hope that the Green Ark of Meise’s botanical garden will be a blooming success!