The Meise Botanic Garden, a showcase for biodiversity


By joining the Global Coalition for Biodiversity, the Meise Botanic Garden is taking a shared approach to the preservation of nature at the global level.

Located some ten kilometres from the centre of Brussels and covering 92 hectares, Meise Botanic Garden is considered one of the largest plant gardens in the world.  More than 18,000 varieties of different species, some of which are endangered, grow in its gardens and greenhouses. It also owns an internationally recognised seed bank.

The Meise garden has joined the Global Coalition for Biodiversity, mindful that the rich flora on our planet is in great danger. As Steven Dessein, General Administrator of the Meise Botanic Garden, points out, "We urgently need to act on every level, from local to global. Otherwise, the only opportunity we will have to observe nature will be to visit zoos and botanic gardens."

By becoming a preferential partner of this #UnitedorBiodiversity campaign initiated by the European Commission, Meise Botanic Garden is involved at its own level in setting up an ambitious advocacy campaign in preparation for the important Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity to be held this year in China.

Once awareness has been raised, it is hoped that strong measures will be taken, such as those at the time of the Paris Agreement on climate change!