Louis solves the problem of parking


Louis Robeyns has been named Belgium’s Best Mini inventor. The 8-year-old boy won the competition with his detailed drawing and model of a ‘vouwto’: a foldable car, which can be carried like a briefcase. The 'vouwto' is handy, compact and an immediate solution to the problem of parking. The young Robeyns is said to have had the idea when his mother had trouble finding a parking space.

Robeyns won a tablet as first prize. The jury was also so enthusiastic about his idea and design that they built a prototype of the car and put it on show in the Technopolis museum.

The competition, with more than 900 young participants between 6 and 14 years old, was organised by Technopolis, children's channel Ketnet and Bayer, the chemical and pharmaceutical company. Children were challenged to think up an invention and draw it, something that in their view would make the world a better place. The response was overwhelming and extremely varied.

The Bayer company were very impressed by the Belgian mini inventors. Axel Steiger-Bagel, Senior Bayer Representative said: "Bayer organises this competition to get young people interested in science and innovation and the enormous potential of these disciplines to improve our lives. We were very curious as to how the children would approach Bayer's mission ‘Science For A Better Life’. The submissions beat all expectations. On the one hand for their creativity and the other for the level of social consciousness present in such young participants. I was particularly impressed by the fact that our eight year old winner was already thinking about mobility."

The ‘vouwto’ and the winning drawings are on display in the entrance hall at Technopolis until the end of this month.