Kojibiose, the sugar of the future


Scientists from the University of Ghent developed an enzyme capable of producing a new sugar. Low in calories, kojibiose is also good for the intestinal flora and does not damage the teeth, a revolution !

Kojibiose, "the healthiest sugar in the world", was discovered by accident. It is by changing an enzyme in such a way to produce kojibiose that Tom Desmet, Professor at the University of Ghent, and Tom Verhaegen, PhD, made ​​that discovery.

This material is ideal to replace conventional sugars, such as sucrose or fructose. But it is not only better for the teeth, it is also good for the intestinal flora, working as prebiotics, which are important for the prevention of diseases such as diabetes, cancer and Crohn's disease.

Researchers are currently examining, in collaboration with the food industry, how to market this amazing discovery.