IMEC, a leading stakeholder in electronic chips


Electronic research centre IMEC is set to play a key role in the new European strategy for the development of electronic chips.

The European Commission has introduced a new strategy relating to electronic chips. Its objective is to double the production of semiconductors by 2030. This will increase global market share to 20% and result in relative independence in relation to the production of China and the USA.

The demand for chips exploded during the pandemic and some sectors of industry (particularly videogames and the automotive sector) faced a global shortage that affected everyone. It is also recognised that this demand will continue to increase in the future, as chips will be the basis for cutting-edge technology in a number of sectors, including digital healthcare, self-driving cars and new forms of connectivity such as 5G or post-6G.

With its more than 4,000 m² high-tech laboratory, IMEC is considered one of the highest performing research centres in the world in the field of chip technology. The Institute is at the cutting edge in terms of research into the production of new, increasingly powerful, better performing, smaller and more energy efficient chips.

While keen to retain its independence and having never formed binding commercial partnerships, the Leuven-based research Institute is currently the focus of major ambitions at the European level.