First Master’s degree in Cyber Security in Belgium


Starting the 2016-2017 school year, a new master’s degree in cyber security will be offered in six institutions of higher education, a first in Belgium.

Four universities (ULB, UCL, UNamur, Royal Military School) and two technical colleges(HEB, HELB) will offer this new degree, with as main objective, to train specialists capable of meeting the technical, legal and ethical challenges regarding safety-related information systems.

This Master of 120 credits is structured around four axes: a multidisciplinary training, an internship, a final dissertation and two specializations in applied sciences. This degree will be accessible to individuals with either a bachelor in computer science or in engineering.

The Master's curriculum includes cryptographic course, cryptology theory which relates to protecting messages using keys or secrets, and cryptanalysis courses, consisting in deciphering encrypted messages without having the encryption key. Students  will also take courses in information security and security of computer systems, in investigation, along with the legal, ethical and human aspects of security.

This Master answers to a current societal necessity, thus Brussels joins other European universities such as the University of Westminster, Webster University Leiden or the Middlesex University of Malta, among others.