The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Ghent University has been the best in the world for years


If your pet needs an examination or an operation, it will receive the best possible care at the internationally renowned Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Ghent University. Even much maligned amphibians, threatened by a deadly fungus, are pinning their hopes on the Faculty's cutting-edge research.

For the past five years, the Faculty has been number one in the independent rankings published by the Shanghai Ranking Consultancy. This ranking is often cited internationally to indicate the quality of a university and, since 2017, the quality of its research. It checks a multitude of factors. Ghent University’s top ranking is mainly due to the excellent quality of its scientific research, the number of publications and citations by alumni and staff in professional journals, and the number of awards. The authors of the ranking also take account of academic freedom, the source of all kinds of innovative research.

Collaboration with different partners is also an additional point of interest for the Faculty. As is its close link with the business world, which benefits from its expertise and its multidisciplinary way of working. It attracts new business by linking human and veterinary medicine, for example. Or cross-pollination with other faculties, departments and even the police, as was the case with COVID-19. For example, veterinary medicine provides expertise with detection dogs that recognise coronavirus in sweat odours.

Ghent does not seem ready to give up its first place just yet...