Covid-19 :The KU Leuven vaccine has many advantages


Although the vaccine from the Rega Institute at KU Leuven will not be ready until 2022, its many advantages still make it very interesting. This vaccine is based on a well-known vaccine, the yellow fever vaccine.

The first advantage of this vaccine is that it offers immunity quickly, ten days after the first injection, while for others, recipients have to wait a month and sometimes even for a second injection.

Another advantage is that, like the yellow fever vaccine, it provides long-term protection. "The cellular immunity generated suggests that the vaccine - like the yellow fever vaccine - will provide long-term immunity. With some other candidate vaccines developed using a different technology, immunity is expected to weaken after a certain period of time, as in the case with the influenza vaccine, where the antibodies have largely disappeared after only six months," said virologist Johan Neyts.

Another benefit is its side effects, or more precisely the absence of pain and fever after the injection. And last but not least, unlike the vaccine available soon, the Riga Institute vaccine can be stored at temperatures between 2°C and 8°C, which facilitates the logistical aspects of storage and transport.

In the medium term, this vaccine definitely has its place in the fight against the coronavirus.