Building shell ready in two weeks thanks to concrete prints


Modern technology is also popping up more and more in the building sector. The world's largest 3D concrete printer was recently tested in Westerlo, making it possible to print the shell of a two-storey house, layer by layer and all in one go. Now, it's simply a matter of achieving the right printing speed and we're off. It's a first for Belgium.

The future looks promising. The trial also features a number of benefits that cannot be achieved in traditional building. It allows the architect to choose more extreme shapes, such as curved surfaces. The printer can cope quite happily, regardless of whether the walls are wavy or straight. From now on, less material will be wasted, which in turn will make building cheaper.

However, for the moment, things are still moving slowly, as the Belgian construction industry is somewhat reserved when it comes to technical innovation. There are still few building companies using drones, 3D printers and robots, and little information is exchanged on virtual projects with all parties. No doubt they will eventually become convinced to invest in their own concrete printer.